LARIMARPHYSICAL PROPERTIES GROUP: Silicates - inosilicates COMPOSITION: NaCa 2 (Si 3 O 8 )(OH) COLOUR: White, brown, blue Acicular TRANSPARENCY Transparent to translucent Toughness 3 - 3,5 CHARACTERISTICS Larimar is a blue silicate of the pectolite family found in...


APOOPHYLLITE Physical Properties, Characteristics and Metaphysical PropertiesPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: GROUP: Silicates - phyllosilicates COMPOSITION: KCa 4 Si 8 O 20 (F,OH) 8H 2 O (fluoropophyllite) COLOUR: Colourless, pink, green, yellow green, blue or brown CRYSTAL STRUCTURE:Tabular,...


AMETHYSICAL PROPERTIES GROUP: Silicates - tectosilicate COMPOSITION: SiO2 COLOUR: Purple Usually pyramidal terminations; sometimes prismatic. TRANSPARENCY: From opaque to translucent HARDNESS: 7 CHARACTERISTICS Amethyst is a type of silicic igneous and hydrothermal...

Stone Lightning (Clear quartz)

STONE THUNDER (CLEAR QUARTZ)PHYSICAL PROPERTIES GROUP: Silicates - Tectosilicates COMPOSITION: SiO2 COLOUR: Colourless, Crystal system: Hexagonal / Trigonal TRANSPARENCY : Transparent-white Toughness 7 CHARACTERISTICS Stone thunder is a type of transparent, white or...


SELENITPHYSICAL PROPERTIES GROUP Sulphates COMPOSITION CaSO 4 -2H 2 O COLOUR Colourless, white, light brown, yellow, pink HARDNESS 2 GLOSS Pearlescent glass TRANSPARENCY Transparent to transparent SPECIFIC WEIGHT 2.3 FACTOR FACTOR 1.52 - 1.53 CHARACTERISTICS Selenite is the name given to...


CELESTITE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES GROUP: Sulphates COMPOSITION: SrSO 4 COLOUR: Colourless, white, red, green, blue or brown ROMBIC CRYSTAL SYSTEM TRANSPARENCY: Transparent to translucent Toughness 3 - 3.5 CHARACTERISTICS Celestite is a strontium sulphate, although Strontium...

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Choosing your personal crystal can be an exciting and inspiring experience.

Here are some tips on how to choose the crystal that's right for you:

Knock out a crystal by Intuition: trust your intuition and follow your gut feeling. When you hold the crystal in your hand, pay attention to how it feels. If you feel drawn to a particular crystal, choose it.

Choose a crystalPurpose: Find out why you want a crystal. Different crystals have different properties and energies. For example, if you want to improve your intuition, you may want to choose amethyst or labradorite. If you want to improve your self-confidence, you might choose citrine or rose quartz.

Choose a crystal by Exploring: explore the properties of different crystals. This will help you understand what each crystal is known for and how it can benefit you.

Select a crystal by its Physical properties: look at the physical properties of the crystal, such as colour, shape and size. The appearance of a crystal can give clues about its properties and energies.

Cleaning: Once you have selected your crystal, it is important to clean it before use. This can be done by placing it in moonlight or sunlight, smudging it with sage or using other methods such as sound healing.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to choose your personal crystal. The crystal you choose will be unique to you and your needs.

Trust your intuition and choose the one that suits you.

Simon Plesničar

I am Simon Plesničar and based on many years of personal experience and active research in the field of crystals and the influence of their vibrations on our well-being and personal growth, I will be happy to advise you on the choice of your personal crystals.

My approach

My approach is based on gratitude for the gifts that Mother Earth gives us. Connecting with you is the challenge I accept every time I choose crystals and minerals for you. I prefer to source crystals in person, from well-known suppliers that I have worked with for many years, as this is the only way to select the finest, natural crystals and minerals from around the world.

My knowledge

Povezovanje in opazovanje narave predstavlja največji del mojega pristopa in dela z kristali. Znanja , ki ga pridobivam iz raznih učbenikov in internetnih strani, kakor tudi obiskovanje in udeleževanje največjih svetovnih sejmov in sodelovanje z znanimi svetovnimi zbirateljev teh naravnih čudes, pa samo potrjujejo, da so kristali ki rastejo z preoblikovanjem Zemlje, prava čudesa, ki nam pomagajo pri dobrem počutju in osebnostni rasti.

Company information

Orehovlje 9,
5291 Miren

m: +386 30 613 023

Tax number: 16184211

Working with us

Excellent. Beautiful crystals, always something new, great atmosphere and of course great service. Really a must shop to visit if you're nearby.

Nika Muršak

Very nice and effective products.

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