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There are several ways to clean crystals when you first get your hands on one, or after using it for different purposes. Some methods take a minute or two, maybe even during a crystal therapy session, and some take more time, especially if you have been exposed to stressful situations during use.
You can tell that a crystal is no longer energetically pure by feeling a certain heaviness and discomfort when you use it.
Such crystals require a longer regeneration and purification process.
Let's learn some methods for cleaning crystals:

Wash the crystals under running water. This applies mainly to pocket and worked crystals, except for those that are fragile, such as Selenite or crystals containing a lot of metals, but not to gemstones. Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise are damaged if they are soaked in water too much. Crystals are quickly rinsed under water and left to dry on their own. You can also use a cloth designed just for this job.

For this type of crystal cleaning and energising, we need a small Amethyst growing site.
Around it, we arrange the crystals or pocket stones we want to clean and leave them like this for 24 hours.

Burying crystals in the Earth is a great way to energise burnt crystals, especially if we are talking about crystal spikes. Choose a suitable place, even for houseplants, especially where fragrant plants, roses or rosemary are growing. You don't need to bury the crystals deep underground, it's just important that they are covered with soil and left there for 24 hours. After the process, the crystals are carefully cleaned, and excess soil can be rinsed off and cleaned with a cloth.

This is a very suitable cleaning method, especially for rough crystals and brilliants. Take a piece of Palo Santo, or cedar twigs, or lemongrass, maybe Lavender or rose incense, and swirl this fragrance over the crystals in an anti-clockwise direction and make spirals over them for about three minutes. Let the incense burn off next to the crystals if you are in a hurry to clean.
The incense or fragrance will clear the crystals and give the room a pleasant feeling. It will also clear the other tools you use in your therapies. This is also very useful for the beginning of the working day, so that your working or therapy space is filled with beautiful energies in the morning, as well as at the end of the therapies and meditations.

Gather the crystals you would like to clear, place them together and ring a hand bell or Tibetan bells nine times over them, or bang on a small Tibetan bowl for about a minute until the sound stops. Repeat two more times. The sound is an effective way of clearing the crystals if you have used them to heal deep grief or for healing, or where the patient's medical prognosis is not good.

Sunlight is the best cleaner for crystals with a vibrant, sparkling and colourful texture, but it is excellent for all gems such as Diamond or Blue Topaz. Leave the crystals from early morning and until the sun sets in daylight. If the sun is not out, especially in winter or if the weather is cloudy, you can substitute with a golden yellow beeswax candle. Light the candle and place the crystals you want to clear around it until the candle burns out. Aventurine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Kunzyte, Citrine, Sapphire, Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz do not tolerate sunlight very well and are not suitable for this type of cleansing.
Transparent crystals or crystals with softer shades and crystals that have internal growth or inclusions are more receptive to the energies of the Moon, so they can be charged on the Full Moon. These include Rose quartz, moonstone, selenite and amethyst crystals. The night of the Full Moon is the best for cleaning and recharging these crystals, which are usually left outdoors overnight on the day of or the day after the Full Moon or on a windowsill.
Coarse Salt, is the traditional way of cleaning, but it is very abrasive and can damage your beloved crystals and if you don't want to put them in it, you can make three counter-clockwise circles around the crystals you want to clean. Leave the crystals in this circle for 12 hours, no matter when you put them in, morning or evening. When the process is complete, collect the salt used and dissolve it in water, then pour this water into the sink under running tap water. Another way is to fill a ceramic or glass container with salt, place the crystals on it and leave them there to clear within 12 hours.

This is a very traditional method of purifying crystals. Sprinkle a few drops of hyssop or rosemary soaked in water on the crystals, then use a cloth designed for crystals to gently clean it off the crystals. For an infusion of these two plants, you can use dried parts of the plants, one teaspoon at a time, put in a cup of water and boil and leave covered to cool. You can also make an amethyst elixir if you are working with more delicate crystals or gems. Place the amethyst in a glass of warm water, let it cool, remove the amethyst and use this elixir, you can also apply this preparation around the crystals. Dried herbs, especially sage, rosemary, thyme and hyssop are excellent purifiers of bad energies, so you can also place your crystals in the jar in which you keep these herbs.


What is a crystal elixir?
Crystal elixir is empowered water in which we have immersed or soaked crystals that have informed the water with their vibration. The water is like a carrier of the information of this crystal, which interacts with our energy field.

Direct infusion
Dip a round cut crystal the size of a large coin into a glass or water bottle. Either way you can add a crystal or two of the same type or as well as with other properties you want up to 500ml of water.
This can be done with smaller crystals of the same type or mixed over 100ml of water. If you want to make a larger amount of elixir you add more and more of them.

Wash the crystals or several of them under running water

Place the crystals in the water with a spoon or tweezers. Distilled or mineral water can also be used, tap water is good for animals, plants and your workspace or living area.

Cover or close the container so that the water does not run out.

You hold the sealed container in your hand and make a mental wish for the purpose of the elixir, that it should work for the highest good and bring healing, uplifting or even protection to the person who will use it.

Leave the container with the water and crystals in the fridge overnight.

But if you've made a potion to drink, just pour the water into your bottle as soon as you wake up and you're ready to use it.

>Crystal water will reach its maximum strength after 24 hours of production or 3 days in the fridge!

Indirect crystal elixir
Use this way of making an elixir for highly concentrated crystal water from several types of crystals (more than seven) or crystals with complementary energy for extra protection, healing, or if the results seem slow. The same applies if the water is used for drinking. In this method, we can use crystals that are not suitable for soaking in water, but we would still like to make an elixir from them.

Half fill a wide glass container with water

Hold the crystals in your hands over the water and say the purpose of the elixir as in the first method

Place the crystals in a small, stable jar that can be closed with a lid

Dip the sealed jar with the crystals into the water, but make sure it doesn't spill

Place pebble water on a windowsill for 24 hours

Fill smaller bottles or sprayers as needed


For crystals listed as toxic in contact with water, it is recommended to place them on the water level to prevent them from coming into contact with the water. Place these crystals in a sealed container of water for 48 hours.

How do we choose a crystal?

Even our ancestors searched for crystals in the hills or on the seashores and it is still possible to find beautiful pieces of Jasper, Agate, Lightning Stone even in the natural environment.
However, in the modern world there is a huge range of polished and treated crystals that can be obtained by anyone, no matter where they live, by post or on the internet. If you want to choose crystals for regeneration, personal empowerment or even protection, there is no better way than to visit a specialist shop and feel for yourself the right crystal for you. Many crystal energies will open up before your eyes and the one that is right for you will connect with you, in colour, size and shape... it is not said that you will be struck by its beauty of appearance, but that it will respond to your energy.
It is also interesting to shop online. You can do a test to see which crystal vibrates best with you by putting your hand on an open picture of your chosen crystal and feeling the tingling sensation in the palm of your hand. Pictures of raw stones will definitely work better than pictures of cut stones. It is also important that the crystals are naturally sourced.
It is not the size of the crystals you choose that is important, but their composition. Either way, you don't have to spend a fortune to buy a crystal.
You are cordially invited to visit my online shop or my crystal showroom, where I will dedicate myself to helping you choose your personal crystal and pass on some of my knowledge and experience of working with crystals.


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