Iridescent Fluorite Column


In relation to the chakras, iridescent fluorite works mainly on the third eye and the heart chakra. Activating the third eye allows for better intuition, clarity of thought and spiritual connection. Acting on the heart chakra promotes love, compassion and harmony in relationships and helps to balance emotions.

On a physical level, iridescent flurite helps to balance and strengthen the whole body. It is also believed to be able to help relieve symptoms of colds, coughs and other respiratory problems. This crystal also promotes bone and muscle health and helps with nutrient absorption.

On a spiritual level, iridescent fluorite helps to raise vibrations and connect with higher levels of consciousness. It helps with meditation, developing intuition and spiritual exploration. This crystal can help to open spiritual gifts and understand deeper truths.

According to the horoscope, iridescent fluorite is associated with different signs. Some astrologers claim that it has a special effect on the signs of Pisces and Aquarius. Pisces is said to improve their intuition and sensitivity, while Aquarius is said to help Aquarians understand the hidden meaning of events and develop their spiritual potential. However, it is important to note that the effects of the crystals on the individual may vary, as the influence depends on personal sensitivity and interpretation.


Iridescent flurite is a beautiful mineral that comes in a variety of colours, from transparent to intense shades. This gemstone contains several bands of colour, creating a rainbow when exposed to light. Each colour of the rainbow flurite works in different ways and has its own specific effects on the human body and mind.
There are several of these beautiful columns of approximately 10 cm in size, which I will choose intuitively for you.
They are of exceptional quality, and differ from one another


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