Rhyolite pendant


Creativity, self-love, hope and joy.


  • CHAKRA: Heart (4.)
  • PHYSICAL: Stimulates our energy field.
  • EMOTIONAL: Self-love, clearing emotional blockages.
  • SPIRITUAL: It enhances following our intuition, exploring our past lives.
  • HOROSCOPE: Gemini, Sagittarius.


Rhyolite is a stone that promotes a deeper connection with Mother Earth. It expresses our passion for all things in nature and inspires us to truly connect with plants, trees, animals and Gaia herself. Its vibrations promote happiness, giving us the motivation to face and heal our emotional wounds and release the pressure they hold over us. It encourages strength and perseverance on our spiritual journey. The rainforest rhyolite protects our emotional health and well-being by removing the obstacles that prevent our heart chakra from flowing freely and opening our hearts to love.

The message of Rhyolite is to recognise your highest potential and to go after your dreams with a renewed sense of energy and consciousness. By bringing joy and increasing the energy in your energy field, Rhyolite removes self-doubt and replaces it with a confident attitude. And when it comes to expressing your creative self, Rhyolite's crystalline healing properties work to keep from stifling the playful and vibrant spirit within. Use Rhyolite to clear emotional blockages and let its transformative powers cleanse negativity from your heart. Summon the powerful, yet gentle, earthy vibrations of Rhyolite crystal to help you stay emotionally balanced as you face the dualism of the universe.

The Rhyolite crystal reminds us that attaining a state of bliss is in perspective. No matter how hard the sceptics and cynics try to deny it, the cliché always rings true- you are what you think. In emotional and physical healing, Rhyolite works by resetting the mind, helping you turn the negative into the positive. After all, the most beautiful and amazing things are created from destruction and chaos, including the universe.

Meditation is a great way to connect with this powerful healing stone. If Rhyolite has found its way into your life, it's a sign that you need a creative boost, so hold a Rhyolite crystal stone in your hand and let it breathe into your spirit with a renewed sense of joy and inspiration. When you catch the energy of Rhyolite, happiness is easy because you realise that what you really need is love for yourself.


The stones are naturally sourced and may vary slightly in colour and size, making each one unique!


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