Stone Lightning


Mountain crystal activation, purification, grounding, clarity.


  • CHAKRE: Everything.
  • PHYSICAL: Stimulates the immune system, loving attitude towards self and others.
  • EMOTIONAL: Purifier of souls, promotes positive thoughts and joy.
  • SPIRITUAL: Balances energy and enhances the functioning of the chakras.
  • HOROCOPE: Oven, Leo.



Lightning is one of the most powerful crystals known to man. It also works very well with all the other crystals and works to enhance their performance. Lightning cleanses the energies of other crystals, stabilising and energising them. Lightning Stone will help you to get over and heal wounds that date back to your childhood, problems related to low self-esteem and self-searching. It works by clearing the energies that have built up in the past to help you heal your wounds. Because of its special properties, lightning stone is suitable for energising water. So soak it in water and then drink it or use it to water your plants and garden. It works by connecting the energies of the earth, plants and people. It is the perfect crystal to open your spiritual consciousness and expand the limits of your mind to better understand nature and existence. Because of its abilities, it is also often used as a pendulum to find answers. With the help of lightning we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

It helps with mental fatigue and speeds up the healing of stress-related illnesses. It acts as a purifier of souls, enhancing inner stability through purification. It neutralises negativity and promotes positive thoughts and feelings. It increases patience and perseverance, while at the same time facilitating a greater capacity for joy, love and harmonious living with all living beings. It enhances the flow of energy and brings balance to the body. It is also used to treat headaches, migraines and dizziness, as well as to improve general energy for people suffering from burnout. It also helps with weight loss, as it makes us more dynamic and energised. Energy imbalance causes emotional distress, which can manifest as dullness or hyperactivity. Lightning balances the energy and strengthens the functioning of the chakras. It also helps to calm the mind by eliminating criticism, doubts and anxiety that hinder us from achieving our desired goals. It is particularly useful for stimulating the crown chakra. The stone thunderbolt needs to be cleansed several times as it absorbs a lot of negative energy from the surroundings. It can be cleaned under running water, immersed in salt water for a few minutes, or smoked with sacred incense. Lightning is also suitable for making an elixir.

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