Selenite soap


Spiritual activation, contact with the higher self, connection with spirit guides and angels.


  • CHAKRA: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th-14th).
  • PHYSICAL: Clears energy blockages, promotes inner alignment, facilitates healing.
  • EMOTIONAL: It inspires us to release our insecurities and achieve what we want.
  • SPIRITUAL: Facilitates aura cleansing, activates the upper chakras for spiritual attunement.
  • HOROSCOPE: Cancer.Selenite is a calming stone, which inspires feelings of deep peace and is excellent for meditation.


Selenite quickly opens and activates the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra and the Star Chakra above the head. Its intensity is greater than almost any other stone for the upper chakras. The Selenite rod, facing the third eye, sends out an energy that can be felt as a gust of wind passing through the forehead and out the top of the head. Selenite is fast and effective in clearing the auric field and can clear stagnant energy or negativity from one's physical and etheric body. Selenite can raise one's consciousness to higher levels, allowing for a conscious encounter with one's spirit guides and guardian angels. It facilitates the experience of receiving inner guidance. By placing selenite on the back, along the spine, one can achieve energetic alignment of the vertebrae and chakras. Selenite is also an excellent stone for building energy grids. Place other stones in the Selenite bowl to purify and recharge them. Selenite amplifies and harmonises with most other stones. Selenite bowls are attractive and have a pure vibration that offers strong protection against negative energies. We recommend that you place your Selenite bowls in your home as they resonate with light and purity, allowing you to connect with the higher realms and creating a protective aura around your home.

Selenite Soap is excellent for exfoliating the skin, but can also be used for massage

Length 7 cm

The stones are naturally sourced and may vary slightly in colour and size, making each one unique!


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