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The golden combination for schoolchildren:
The combination of these different crystals can create a balanced and supportive energy cocktail that could benefit schoolchildren in different areas of their lives, including school commitments, personal development and emotional stability. Below is a description of how each crystal works and how together they could support school children:


  1. Blue Goldstone: this crystal can bring inner peace and calm. It stimulates creativity and intuition with its luminous radiance. For schoolchildren, this could mean improved concentration and creativity in learning and a better understanding of school material.
  2. Angel Aura: A crystal associated with spirituality can help to calm the mind and restore inner balance. For schoolchildren, this could mean a better ability to cope with the stress and anxiety that often accompany schoolwork.
  3. Yellow Aventurine: Associated with optimism and creativity, this crystal could promote positive thinking and motivation in learning and improve the self-confidence of schoolchildren.
  4. Eye of the Tiger: A crystal of power and protection, promoting clarity and determination. It could help schoolchildren to overcome obstacles, develop strategies to solve problems and improve self-discipline.
  5. Green Aventurine: Associated with good luck, growth and success. This crystal could support schoolchildren in achieving their goals, promote relaxation and help them develop a positive attitude to learning.
  6. Carnelian: A crystal of vitality and motivation. For schoolchildren, this could mean an increase in energy, drive and perseverance in schoolwork.
  7. Black Tourmaline: A crystal of protection against negative energies. Its properties could help to maintain the psychological stability of schoolchildren, prevent disturbances and maintain a positive environment for learning.

    The combination of these crystals could work together to support schoolchildren on different levels - spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Together they could promote concentration, motivation, self-confidence, calmness and positive thinking, helping schoolchildren to cope better with the challenges of school and to develop their personal potential. It is also important that schoolchildren realise that crystals are only one of many options for support and that their personal approach to using crystals is important.

    The crystals are naturally sourced so each combination may vary slightly from the one shown in the photo.


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