• GROUP: Silicates - tectosilicate
  • COLOUR: Purple 
  • Usually pyramidal terminations; sometimes prismatic.
  • TRANSPARENCY: From opaque to transparent


Amethyst is a type of creamy of magmatic and hydrothermal origin. Most amethyst deposits are found in Brazil and Uruguay, where its approximate age is 160 million years Its purple colour is due to its iron oxide content and the fact that it was exposed to high temperatures during its formation. The intensity of the colour is usually concentrated at the tips of the crystals and can sometimes present bands of milky cream Amethyst crystals are pyramidal and have a glassy lustre.

Amethyst found in different habitus: crystallised in closed ovoid cavities called geodes , overlying surfaces or open cavities called geodes drusen , as a single crystal or in a massive or compact habit.

Name amethyst is derived from the Greek "amethustos" meaning "not to be drunk". In ancient Greece, this stone was believed to protect against drunkenness. Amethyst is one of the first gems Amethyst was the first stone to be used in ancient times as an ornamental stone and as a symbol of wealth and power. It has also traditionally been associated with purity and spirituality, as shown by some ornaments, jewellery and ancient utensils from India, Tibet or the early Christian Church.

Deposits: Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Namibia, Madagascar, Burma, Russia, USA and Canada.


Amethyst is known as the stone of harmony, transmutation and spirituality. It corresponds to the 6th chakra, which is located between the eyebrows. It helps to calm the mind and relax, thus promoting a connection with our intuition. This is why it is Amethyst is usually a good complement to a meditation practice, either by holding the mineral in the hands, placing it over the eyebrows or heart, or placing an amethyst crystal in front of us.

It is usually a good stone for maintaining integrity in stressful situations and also for promoting a good night's sleep and helping with insomnia or nightmares.

Setting up a large geode or amethyst Druze in the house will help to create a clean and harmonious energy in the environment.

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