Physical Properties, Characteristics and Metaphysical Properties


  • GROUP: Silicates - phyllosilicates
  • COMPOSITION: KCa 4 Si 8 O 20 (F,OH) 8H 2 O (fluoropophilite)
  • COLOUR: Colourless, pink, green, yellow green, blue or brown
  • CRYSTAL STRUCTURE:Tabular, prismatic
  • TRANSPARENCY: From transparent to translucent
  • HARDNESS: 2,3-2,4


Apophyllite is usually found in association with tibias , both are both minerals belonging to the subgroup of zeolites It is characterised by a pearly lustre on the surface. Apophyllite crystals are usually prismatic and tabular, with white, beige and grey tones, but green, yellow, colourless, pink and brown crystals also exist. It occurs commonly in rocks and volcanic cavities, but is also found in metamorphic rocks and hydrothermal deposits.

Deposits: India, Brazil, USA, Canada, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, UK, Germany, Mexico and Scotland.


Apophyllite is known in crystal therapy as the link between the spiritual and physical worlds. It is called the key because it is thought to unlock perception. Apophyllite favours a meditative state and enhances intuition. It is a calming stone that aids introspection and the release of mental patterns and repressed emotions. On a healing level, apophyllite is said to have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.

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