• GROUP: Silicates - tectosilicates
  • COLOUR: Colourless, 
  • Crystal system: hexagonal / trigonal
  • TRANSPARENCY : Transparent-white
  • TRDOTA 7


Stone Lightning is a type of transparent white or colourless quartz. Quartz is composed of silica, the most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust after feldspars Its name is derived from the German word "quartz" and the Greek "krystallos" Quartz can occur in crystalline form, with visible prismatic crystals, and in cryptocrystalline form, forming microscopic crystals.

Crystal quartz can be found singly or in groups in the form of geodes or clusters Some transparent quartz contains inclusions of other minerals, such as tourmaline quartz or rutile quartz Quartz occurs in metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks rich in silicon. Transparent quartz is used for the manufacture of lenses, transducers and electronic systems due to its properties.

Deposits: Worldwide, with Brazil and China being the most important sources.


Quartz crystals are considered the synthesis of life and a microcosm of the Universe. When the crystal is transparent and translucent, it is considered the healing mineral par excellence. It is associated with the 7th chakra but can be used in any other centre to help strengthen, channel or balance energy.

Quartz crystal prefers to connect with our own light and joy and is commonly used for meditation, but is not recommended for use at bedtime as it is activating. In the form of a druzy, it helps to balance and purify the energy of the room and also of the objects placed on it.

White Quartz or Stone Lightning is considered an intention enhancer, so it is important to use it with a well-focused intention. Together with other minerals, it will enhance and amplify the properties of another mineral.

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