• GROUP: Silicates - inosilicates
  • COMPOSITION: NaCa 2 (Si 3 O 8 )(OH)
  • COLOUR: White, brown, blue
  • Acicular
  • TRANSPARENCY From transparent to translucent
  • TRDOTA 3 - 3,5


Larimar is a blue silicate of the pectolite family found in cavities in basalt and igneous rocks in the south-east of the Dominican Republic, where sediments containing blue pectolites were washed out to sea by the Bahoruco River. . This is the only pectolite with an azure blue colour, which is due to the presence of calcium instead of cobalt. Other pectolites may be white or brown.

It is said that the name larimar comes from an indigenous man who rediscovered the stone on the Caribbean coast in 1974 and who combined the name of his daughter Larissa with the name of the blue sea where he found the stone, forming the word " Lari". -sea".

Deposits: Dominican Republic.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIESLarimaris a spiritual stone that brings peace, love and serenity . It helps harmonise the heart and mind, bringing clarity, joy and strength. It favours communication and expression. It is particularly positive for healing throat problems and for dissolving blockages in the chest. It helps women to connect with their femininity and nature. It can be applied to any part of the body to soothe, refresh and calm.

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